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I am a fine art photographer living in the Back Bay, known for photographing Boston’s parks and historic buildings. My aim is to bring new life to old architecture, and to show places and things people pass every day in a new way.

I started my business in 1998. I do art shows all year long, such as the Beacon Hill Art Walk and the Boston Arts Festival.  I also have work in galleries and stores in Boston and the suburbs. I license rights to use my photos in publications such as books, magazines, information pamphlets, and greeting cards. I have many corporate clients as well.
I will resist going digital as long as I can. I still see a difference in the prints–what I make in the darkroom vs. digital prints. Plus I enjoy the darkroom; I like watching the photos come out, making the
decisions on how it will look. When it’s made by my hands, it feels like “Art”.  Yes, it’s time consuming, but I believe it’s worth it!

Artists Crossing, Owner / Founder
The Boston Arts Festival, 501(c)3 Chair & CEO
Beacon Hill Art Walk, Committee Member
United South End Artists, Board of Directors
Holiday Art Sale in Beacon Hill, Founder/Coordinator
Art Fridays, Co-Founder