Artist Bio

Jae Art LLC

Jada is a young, upcoming artist at the start of her art career. Her art is a mixed medium that includes watercolor and pencil and is inspired by Korean Pop and anime. Jada began painting and drawing in preschool; winning awards and having her art displayed often. Jada has a natural, God-given talent, as she has no formal art training. She has a passion for her work and expresses herself and how she views the world within her art. Jada hopes that her art speaks to the hearts of all that view her creations.


Main Subject



Materials and Techniques

The medium I frequently use is watercolor. For the background, I usually use a splatter paint or sponge technique. I then paint portraits as the second layer, letting the background show through. I often use black as a theme of my work. My work is inspired by Korean pop and anime.