Stemming from the marriage of realism and abstraction, Lauric’s unique paintings reflect the diversity of her life and professional experiences.

Oana Lauric, American artist born in Bucharest Romania, lived in Paris France for a decade and is currently working in her studio in Boston, USA. She has a French Architect degree and a Romanian Fine Arts Baccalaureate. Oana worked as an architect and a designer for several years in France and USA, before becoming a professional artist painter in 2001.

“Architectural subjects and emotional memories remain the foundation of my work. Illumination is the guiding line, with its double meaning: one direct (light and shadow defining the volumes and conveying atmospheric moods) the other one more abstract (spiritual enlightenment). In my paintings I approach them both. In our daily lives we are constantly on a scene, brilliantly performing simple and mysterious rites. The way the light is sculpting, with dramatic effects, the characters of this theatrical scene is at the core of my artistic exploration.”

As an accomplished artist Oana Lauric plays with colors, light and textures, while as a trained architect she explores, virtually without limitations, the impact of the built environment on our psyche. Her objective is to signal the power of our built surroundings and raise expectations in their regards.

“We are shaped by these spaces as much as we shape them!”