Artist Bio

Raksha Soni is a software engineer by profession with a lifelong passion for art. She studied fine arts while she was in school. After working in a corporate environment for more than 2 decades, she recently decided to embrace art as her full time profession. She primarily works with oils, acrylics and watercolors. She now provides bespoke art and design, fine art prints, custom art consultation and art classes. Her artwork has received numerous awards, and has been displayed at various charity events and art exhibitions in both India and the US.
In her own words
“Art is a foundational part of my life, and I try to spend my free time experimenting with it. I express my gratitude, emotions, and admiration for nature and Mother Earth through color. My inspiration comes from the many sources: places I travel to, nature, architecture, city life, folk art, Indian culture, and the people around me. I love to capture special moments with various mediums. The creative process gives me tremendous joy, satisfaction, and a sense of great accomplishment, and I hope this beautiful journey of self-discovery continues forever.”


Main Subject

Landscapes, Seascapes, Florals


Materials and Techniques

I work primarily with acrylics, oils, mixed-media and love using textures in my paintings. Most of my paintings are impressionistic and realistic style on canvas and watercolor paper.