Artist Bio

Stacey Messier translates the energy and story behind found quotes and phrases through geometric shapes drenched in saturated hues. This body of work stems from her past as a graphic designer, singer, and quilter. It connects Stacey’s expertise in visual symbolism with the nuanced study of
voice, all of which exposes itself through a color palette that has forever followed her hand across fabric, pixels, and paint.

Ultimately Stacey Messier’s aspiration is to make abstract art not just accessible but a method of communication – where the viewer receives a renewed sense of the message, meaning, and application, perhaps carrying this sentiment home into their own life.

EDUCATION: Stacey is a 2005 graduate of the Hartford Art School, University of Hartford, holding a BFA in Painting.


Main Subject

Quote-inspired Geometric Abstract Art


Materials and Techniques

INSPIRATION: Each painting is inspired by a found quotation or phrase. This piece is a geometric illustration of what I feel and see when I hear the statement.

STYLE: Much of my work is inspired by mid-century modern color palettes, lines, and rhythmic shapes. “Fine artists” such as Josef Albers and Agam are huge inspirations as well as “street artists” such as Rubin415 and ScottyFiveAlive.

MEDIUM: I choose to work in acrylic for its saturation and quick-drying tendencies. The key to this style of work is in the meditative application of layers and layers of paint. Each piece can take anywhere from 20 hours to 2 months to complete depending on its size.

METHOD: Many ask, but there is no tape used in the making of my work! Just a brush, acrylic paint, and a steady hand.