Artist Bio

From the time I was a small girl I collected the tiniest of shells by the ocean. It seemed utterly amazing to me that a shell could be fully formed and yet be so tiny. My father gave me a wooden sardine box with a sliding lid to keep them in. These were the times that I began to observe nature. I started painting with my Mother by the ocean as a young girl, always in watercolor. To have my parents support in going to art school was a life saver for me. I knew I wanted to make a career out of art. After studying at the University of Connecticut and Lorenzo de Medici in Florence Italy, I was lucky enough to get a great job designing packaging for toys. It was creative, doing illustrations and hand drawn logos. After several other design jobs and becoming a Mom and wife, I decided I wanted to be a consultant with my own studio. I always worked from home so I could be as close to my husband and children as possible.
Life has had it’s surprises and difficult times but art and design have always been a part of me. Change and growth have occurred with the help of classes, I have taken over six years of advanced education at the Rhode Island School of Design. That surely has allowed me to recognize that painting in watercolor and surface design for textiles is exactly what I love to do. I have been a juried artist since 2013. Over the past five years I have put forth many fabric collections and paintings. The subject matter is botanical with city scenes and portraiture as well. Recently I was commissioned to paint two architectural paintings as well as pillows from my fabrics for a beach home in Marblehead.


Main Subject

Architecture, botanicals, portraiture


Materials and Techniques

Watercolor. I paint architecture plein air, portraiture from real people, botanicals are abstract interpretations of nature.