Artist Bio

My name’s Taylor and I’m an artist inspired by the world around me. I’m self-taught, so all of my work is intuitive rather than technique-based. I believe that art is what it means to be human, so I work to explore the most beautiful and raw parts of myself through painting. I continuously push myself out of my comfort zone, and by doing so I’ve been able to take leaps and bounds and discover a part of me that I didn’t think could exist. With every brush stroke I learn something new, especially my ability to face my fears and break through limitations. Art has taught me that there are no limits and the world is my oyster. My mission is to bring art and beauty to the world around me, and in doing so I hope to inspire others to do the same. Take a look at my work and let it inspire you to create a more beautiful world.


Main Subject

Florals, landscapes


Materials and Techniques

I work with all painting mediums, however I favor oil, gouache and ink in my work. What medium I use depends on what phase I’m currently going through, so I will either crank out a bunch of oil paintings at once, or gouache, etc. and then move on to a different medium when I feel exhausted from the first. I’m a self-taught artist, so everything I do is intuitive rather than trained. I almost always start out with a basic outline of what I’m making, but try not to stick to a rigid plan and just allow my work to form as I go. I love using pops of color (especially contrasting colors) and texture is paramount for my style of painting. I start most of my paintings using a brush, but I go in at the end with a palette knife to add movement and texture. I want to draw someone in to take a closer look at my work, I want them to feel the urge to touch it. I also love to scratch at a nearly finished painting to take away some of the paint, giving the painting even more texture and life.