Artist Bio

I have been interested in art my entire life. I come from a family of artists- my mother is an artist, and so is her mother. I started getting serious about art when I was in high school, when I decided I wanted to go to college for art. I’m going into my senior year as an illustrator at Lesley University, and I’ll be graduating in 2020. The reason why I create art is very simple- I love animals, and I love to paint. So, I paint animals! I also enjoy working with animal rescues/non profits to create art fundraisers and raise awareness. Eventually, I want to be able to support myself on art, mostly through artisan markets/fairs, and I’d like to have my own shop some day.


Main Subject



Materials and Techniques

I paint animal portraits mounted on wooden blocks. I make the backgrounds for these portraits using a technique called “gelli printing.” I use acrylic paint for these. I also work with pen and gouache to create my “psychedelic pets.” These start with a black and white pen drawing, and then I layer the gouache until I like what I see. My final medium is acrylic ink paintings. I create a variety of wildlife paintings using ink.