Artist Bio

Self-proclaimed Texas Wildflower transplanted to the New England Coast, Andi Garbarino has always been an artist.

Her childhood days were spent in the country making homes for bugs out of blades of grass, crafting artisan salads for her bunny rabbits from wildflowers, and painting with her grandmothers at their respective kitchen tables. Making stories with pictures and singing songs loudly with her family were the magical moments composing her childhood. She was at home in the outdoors and heaven on an imaginary stage. As Picasso says, “All children are artists. The problem is how he remains one when he grows up.”

As a music major in college, Andi studied how the human body, mind, and spirit respond to rhythm and pitch. A few art professors led her to discover a love for bringing unlikely materials together in the form of mixed media collage. Feeling the paper textures between her fingers, snipping with tiny scissors, or cutting with a knife on the mat became another kind of music that brings healing and delight. The process of arranging paper colors and forms on the page shaped her into a composer of a visual song.

Andi’s mixed media artworks portray the deepest emotions of the human experience as vivid, botanical dreamscapes–intertwining loveliness and grief. Pieces exhibiting human bodies, animals, and plants on sparse and paint-splattered backgrounds depict the power of growth from loss and the coexistence of joy and pain. Andi Garbarino’s empowering artwork will inspire memories of your inner strength and resilience and encourage you to find beauty in every circumstance.


Main Subject



Materials and Techniques

I use watercolor and collage techniques–cutting out images of old books and publications, then reconstructing them in a new, abstract form depicting difficult human emotions as vivid botanical dreamscapes. Frequently my mixed media work is set in resin on wood panels or on watercolor paper under glass in a frame.