Artist Bio

Arlene was born and raised in New York City. She has traveled widely through the United States, Europe and Asia and has a love and appreciation of beaches, woods and cities as well as dancers in motion. Her many works in oil and watercolor reflect these interests. She uses a combination of bold colors and lively brushwork to highlight the natural beauty and intensity of her subject matter. Her work is represented in private and corporate collections and she has participated in numerous exhibitions, including juried shows.

She has been Co-President of United South End Artists in Boston.

Whether it is an old growth forest, a city scene in spring or a deserted beach at dusk, Arleneā€™s intention is to draw the viewer into the moment by capturing a mood through her dramatic technique.


Artist Statement

My fascination with the world, as demonstrated by the movement of water, the vastness of the sky, the shadows of the city, and the grace and concentration of the dancer is what draws me to my art. By creating a painting that captures the mood, color and feeling of the beauty I see in the world, I am able to find myself as an artist and a person. My goal is to translate what I see onto paper or canvas so that the viewer will be transformed by the experience.


Main Subject

Seascapes and Landscapes


Materials and Techniques

My medium is oil and oil sticks on canvas and panel board and watercolor.
I use bold and lively brushwork and palette knife to create vivid skies, countryside, and water.