Artist Bio

Ben Havens has been taking pictures with and SLR camera for thirty years. He is passionate about capturing the spiritual aspects of nature through digital photography. He uses natural light that reflects off landscapes to create a spiritual effect in the various cycles of nature. To view a sample of this, please review his webpage: .

Ben’s photography has received many honors and rewards. He was Artist of the Month for August 2012 in a juried show in Lexington Cary Library’s Piper Gallery. Also, he has had a gallery show on display at The Dome Gallery in Cambridge, affiliated with North Cambridge Art Association. He was Starbucks’s October 2011 Artist of the Month in Lexington. In May 2014, he had an exclusive gallery show of twelve prints at The Main Street Gallery at Emerson Hospital in Concord, MA. Most recently, his framed work was on display at The Belmont Gallery of Art in a juried exhibit.

He has also sold his prints at SOWA Open Market, Boston’s premier juried art market in Boston’s South End, as well as Assembled at Assembly Row in Somerville. Ben is a returning photography artist to Beacon Hill Art Walk; participating last year in 2021 and 2019.

Ben has taken courses in photography at Middlesex Community College, New England School of Photography (NESOP) and at Boston College’s Fine Arts Center. He is a graduate from Boston College.



Main Subject

Nature and landscape photography


Materials and Techniques

I use a Canon T2i SLR camera with only two lenses, a standard 55 mm and a zoom 75mm to 300mm. I’ve rarely used Photoshop to remove unwanted dust that appeared on the photo. Otherwise, Photoshop had not been used to enhance color or add objects. All photos taken are as they are.