Artist Bio

I made my living in England as a full-time artist, illustrator, cartoonist, and gallery owner in the 1980s after studying at Brighton Art College (UK) and sold many paintings – some to well-known personalities including members of the Royal Family, actors, and sports personalities. I left England to sail across the Atlantic in the late ’80s and settled here in 1989. After a long career in banking, I started painting again in 2016 with a goal to retire from business life and focus on my art. I feel that my best work is ahead of me and hope to create pieces that will both please the viewer with the immediate visual impact, but also will inspire them to question the meaning or story behind the painting. I strive to create paintings that will be enjoyed in future decades and centuries and will provide a link to my time in our world’s history.


Main Subject

Landscapes & marine art


Materials and Techniques

I paint almost exclusively in oil on canvas and am fairly traditional in my approach. Must of my work is realism and romantic realism. I will start with a sketch drawing using images taken from my own photographs, then will typically paint a small study and if I like the work will then use that as the basis for a larger painting. I paint in layers, starting with background colors then working over several days add detail from the background and typically finishing with the critical elements of the painting. Once a painting is complete I will leave it for a month or two to decide if I want to add any final touches or changes.