Artist Bio

Bryan Clocker is a printmaker and illustrator living and working out of the Boston area. He graduated with a BFA in printmaking and a BA in graphic design. Bryan utilizes his passion for nature and wildlife to create unique and captivating pieces of artwork. Bryan sells his artwork both online in person by participating in a multitude of different art markets galleries, and juried shows. Bryan is known for his block prints that he hand carves, prints, and paints.


Main Subject

Landcapes and nature


Materials and Techniques

I am a printmaker focusing on block prints and mono printing. My block printing process consists of first taking my sketch and drawing it on the linoleum block. Then I begin the tedious process of carving, I carve out the negative space leaving a raised surface on the block to print from. Once fished carving I am now able to print the block, by rolling ink onto the block and burnishing paper on top of the block. Once the print is dried, I then go back and paint on top of the print to finish the piece.