Artist Bio

Recycled Glass Jewelry is a small studio in Melrose, MA created by Carolina Portillo. We design one of a kind jewelry and love working primarily with float glass (window glass), leather and other “found” materials. We appreciate the opportunity to create something new, meaningful and artistic out of recycled materials that might otherwise go unused. This is a cornerstone of our eco-friendly approach, aiming to create art that is both pleasing to the eye and unique at the same that it also treats the environment with respect.

Carolina graduated from college with a degree in Tourism, focusing her class time on sustained development and the impact of tourism on native arts and crafts. Arts and crafts have always been a passion of hers. She enjoys working with them for the pleasure they bring to her and others, and she also believes in the cultural, social and economic influence they have in the community. She has a background working with pottery, glass fusing, beading, origami, paper crafts and flower arrangements. For the past decade, she has focused on glass and taking glass fusing classes at the glass studios of the teacher artists that specialize in working on float glass.


Main Subject



Materials and Techniques

We use window glass (float glass), cut, shaped, polish and hand painted with glass powder paints. The glass layers are stacked one on top of the other and placed in the kiln. During the firing when the glass reaches the right temperature, the layers melt together becoming a one of a kind creation. The bubbles give each piece uniqueness and character. It is always fun to open the kiln and see the results! Then we play with the beads to make interesting and colorful jewelry. Eco designed fashion!