Artist Bio

Caroline Sainis is a folk artist in Melrose Massachusetts. She works primarily with acrylic paint. Her work is a cross-cultural expression inspired particularly by the folk arts of India, South and North America. Playfully fusing the similarities of these arts, as well as the people and cultures their art reflects. Her paintings are bright and light-hearted; each piece tells a simple story of love, friendship, family and unity. Elaborate details embodied in a simple form. Her work is created to reflect the beauty that is in the world.

Caroline Sainis was raised in the Mid-West, and has lived coast to coast. She is now settled in Melrose, where she lives with her husband and darling young son. Throughout her life she has always had an artistic hand exploring many facets of art from poetry to pottery. Her love for bright colors and the simple whimsy of folk art grew while visiting her husband’s family in India where she gained first hand exposure and appreciation for the arts of India. She was particularly inspired by the work of the Gond and Madhubani. Her art work is without a doubt a reflection of her family, and the joy she finds in her everyday life.

Thank you for viewing my art, I hope it brings a smile to your beautiful face! – Caroline Sainis


Main Subject

Cross-culture folk art: animals, houses, landscapes, flowers, people, shoreline, birds, trees, etc.


Materials and Techniques

I use acrylic paints on deep birch wood panels, my larger pieces are painted on canvas. I also like to create detailed ink drawings on paper.