Artist Bio

I am a self-taught artist with a passion for paper and a photographer.

I have been working with paper for a long time now. Making cards, scrapbooking, stamping, altering books, gluing, cutting, or folding. It is a material so humble and versatile that a creative eye can transform it into something surprising and wonderful.

Following personal events and going through memories, it suddenly makes sense to me that I needed to preserve those memories.
Including texture to a picture came as a natural way.

Now, adding stitches and embroidery to a photography or a picture is a way to keep memories alive, but the process can also reveal another meaning of the picture and give it a new dimension in a joyful and mystery way.


Main Subject

Landscapes, portraits


Materials and Techniques

Photos embroidery: using threads, stitches and texture to give a new dimension, a new meaning to the picture.