Artist Bio

A native of Cape Ann, Massachusetts, I live in a strong supportive art community.
Where there is time and place to create. Raised by an inventive father and creative mother, my journey began in our family’s metal fabrication workshop. I am now the third generation of metal workers in our family so metal sculpture for me is rooted in a deep family tradition.

The endless draw to sculpture for me is seeing the life that comes through the materials. When you feel the art you take a moment to pause. My mission is to capture that connection from one life to another. I believe there is a life force to be found in my work and the materials or method comes along for the ride.

My work is hand fabricated and one-of-a-kind. This ensures each is unique and original. Working with different mediums like metals, glass and granite, this studio explores all options inventing the means to move forward, creating tools and process to explore.

In creating my art, I collaborate directly with clients, architects, design teams, contractors and committees. Absorbing all input and understanding that great ideas can come from anywhere. Our artwork is provided to corporate, private and public settings.

With an adventurous spirit my work is constantly evolving. I believe artwork should challenge, inspire and resonate with people.


Main Subject

Animal, marine life and contemporary sculpture.


Materials and Techniques

My goal is to put life into metal. I take the time to make my own tools because the direction of my work requires adaptation. The metal has a spring tension to it that aids in the soft curves of my work. Using mallets and tree stumps as my anvil I softly move the metal into new purpose. Welding these formed pieces together I begin to see the medium transform from machine made to hand made. Although general shop techniques include bending, forming and welding, the creative mission is to put life in the metal.