Artist Bio

Cape Ann artist printmaker Coco Berkman creates images that delight her and hopefully others through the process of linoleum printmaking.
Inspired by literature, the natural world and the free play inherent in drawing, Coco uses sharp japanese tools to carve images into sheets of linoleum and then prints them one color at a time over several months to complete an edition.
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Main Subject

People, and animals and places


Materials and Techniques

I found the most delightful of materials, linoleum, and the most unpredictable of processes, “reductive linoleum printmaking” through which I could express my creative yearnings.

My process as a printmaker always begins with a drawing. I will rework a drawing, cutting it up with scissors and taping it back together many times. If my drawing doesn’t delight me , I have little enthusiasm to go forward and make the materials and time commitment to oversee the completion of an edition.
Characters sometimes show up and demand to be inserted in my drawings. I love my characters to appear quirky and emotional…lopsided smiles and mismatched eyes. And always an animal or two.
My linoleum prints are small editions and I consider them labors of love.