Artist Bio

Boston based jeweler Danielle Oldfield is not a traditional silversmith. With a B.S. in Chemistry and a M.Ed. in Higher Education, Danielle is an artist who delights in learning and experimenting with new mediums. She studied at MassArt and the Artisan’s Asylum, and has built a substantive studio in her home. Danielle finds inspiration in her travels, the New England landscape, and her fierce feminist values. When Danielle is not designing jewelry, she is spending time with her partner and two dogs.
Studio Raza was built to create fun and modern jewelry for individuals to show off their personal style without forfeiting quality. At Studio Raza you can find hand stamped pieces, chainmaille, and one-of-a-kind artwork created with traditional metalsmithing techniques. We believe that people of all ages and expressions should live their values fiercely and boldly.


Main Subject

Modern geometrics


Materials and Techniques

My pieces are handmade with traditional silversmithing, handstamping, and fused glass enameling techniques. I cut and solder sheet and wire metal and use enamel powder fired in a kiln.