Artist Bio

Debra Grubbs Fine Art Artist Biography: Each one of us has him or her way of capturing the external world. Debra began painting in watercolor while studying with Cory Staid in Andover, Ma. as a teenager. She also studied with a variety of other artists after moving to California. Attended Las Positas Collage in Livermore, CA, eventually she received an AA Degree in Fine Arts, emphasising painting. Debra was Director of Visual Arts for program “Fame” for the Livermore Public School system before moving back to New England.
Main Subject

Materials and Techniques

Waveism: The effect on the sides of the Slot Canyons near the Grand Canyon from flood waters is the inspiration for these works of Art. Taking the photos of the slot canyon, while my family and I were exploring them, served as my inspiration. The End Result is what the term Waveism is all about!!
Next up for Grubbs is what she calls her Waveism period. Inspired by a family trip to the Grand Canyon and working from reference photos taken by her son, she is studying the dramatic erosion patterns in the slot canyons created by flood waters.
“For these works I am using acrylics, since I can use quite a bit of paint and it moves better than oil paint,” she says. “Over my base painting, I drag a tool that combs through the paint, blending the colors and creating patterns and ridges. I hope to exhibit this body of work in the upcoming summer and autumn shows here in New England.”