Artist Bio

Flyn graduated from The School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago with a BFA and has worked as an artist for the last twenty years.
In 2018 Flyn and her husband Dan created an apparel brand featuring Flyn’s artwork. Their apparel is sold in more than 80 stores throughout the country.

Shared Environment
Flyn’s work recognizes the continued interactions between humans and our animal neighbors. These interactions are a part of our daily experience. Although the intersection of humans and animals in a shared space can sometimes be tragic, Flyn’s paintings focus on the humorous and life affirming aspects of our “Shared Environment”. A squirrel raiding the bird feeder, a raccoon looting the beer cooler, seagulls swooping in for your lunch at the beach. These are some of the stories Flyn tells with her paintings.


Main Subject

Animals in our Shared Environment


Materials and Techniques

Acrylic on birch panel