Artist Bio

Garima Parakh is a Boston-based artist. She loves to paint New England landscapes and still life oil paintings. She has been paintings since 2012. She usually works from life, trying to capture the colors, one brushstroke at a time. She worked in technology for 15 years before taking up painting full time. Garima has participated in several Plein-air events and juried shows in New England.


Main Subject

Landscapes and Florals


Materials and Techniques

My medium is Oils. Creating art that has great color, depth, and mood is my key goal. Nature is my inspiration, but I do not try to copy nature. My work tries to convey an emotion or depict a moment. Generally, I start a painting by looking at the subject in front of me. As the painting progresses, it takes its own form. It is this push and pulls of design and reality that interests me.