Artist Bio

For 34 years I built furniture and about 13 years ago I got involved with woodturning and was thrilled with this new endeavor. I enjoy every step involved in turning and the endless possibilities that this creative skill provides. . I have taken many courses with a number of highly skilled turners. Although most of my work is functional, I also enjoy creating decorative pieces such as suspended forms, and split bowl art. I have recently gotten more involved with various embellishment techniques such as texturing and painting or staining some of my work although fo rthe most part, I tend to rely on ther natural beauty of the wood. I have been pushed in the National Woodturnoing Magazine (AAW) and have been honored to receive “Best in Show” at the Charlestown Art in the Park show.


Main Subject



Materials and Techniques

I make one-of-a-kind food-safe functional art bowls, platters, covered bowls, and pens on a lathe. I use only felled trees. The process takes about a year to complete a bowl. After chainsawing, I rough-turn the bowls leaving the wall thickness 1/10 of the diameter of the bowl. I then wax the bowls which allows them to dry slowly, preventing or reducing cracking. During the drying process the wet bowls tend to warp. After storing the bowls for a year, I turn them a second time. This second turning allows me to achieve appropriately thin walls and also ensures that the bowls are not warped and are appropriately round.