Artist Bio

After 25 years of designing and building unique homes, I discovered the art of woodturning in 2006.

I find the flow of shaping wood on a lathe to be a cross between throwing clay on wheel and unwrapping
a gift. Each piece of wood offers its own unique opportunities. Even when I have a specific design in mind
for a piece I am constantly reminded of how fantastic wood is to work with as surprise after surprise
reveals itself as I work into the layers of grain, burl and bark.


Main Subject

My work is influenced from my experience in architecture, my love of the planet and the fruits it
provides, and by the simple harmony that I feel when creating each piece.


Materials and Techniques

Most of my pieces result from wood collected and salvaged from storm damage or trees coming down due to development. I also find quite a bit of wood that I repurpose from demolished buildings and retrofitted historic structures.