Artist Bio

I am a fine artist working and living in Rhode Island. I think that nature provides us with a constant reminder to slow down in a modern world teeming with distractions. Luckily my imagination always looked outside for inspiration.

In my youngest years, I made friends with bugs, frogs, crabs, snails, slugs. Their personalities, design, and beauty still provide endless curiosity. The more I draw and paint the creatures of nature, the more of themselves they reveal to me, and the more I am able to see. I share these wonders with you in my art.

Birds have become my most recent muse. Through watching and painting them, I am learning and discovering so much about these magical creatures. Watercolors have been the perfect medium to represent their free spirits and most amazing colors and forms.


Main Subject



Materials and Techniques

Paintings are all made by me using a wet on wet watercolor technique to start on a 140-300lb rag watercolor paper. The birds’ form emerges by building layers. Their personalities come alive in the finishing details (pushing the darks and adding the white highlights). All work is matted for easy framing or framed in a solid wood frame.