Artist Bio

India is a self taught artist who has been creating and selling her art locally in high end boutiques for over 20 years. Six years ago India was lucky enough to open her own store and have a studio that she can create her art and showcase other local artists.

She expanded her business and opened her studio n where it has given her the opportunity to run classes that are open to the public. People can then come in and create their own art. We also host children’s events, birthday parties, free book readings and fundraisers to benefit the community.

When India is not in the store or studio you can find her showcasing her work and promoting her business at artisans festivals.


Main Subject

Glass resin frames with seashell and nature designs.


Materials and Techniques

I make my design on top of glass then I pour a fiberglass glaze on top and fire it into the glass. Each piece takes 2 weeks from start to finish and my glaze has uv Protection in it so it will never yellow or fade and is safe to go in bathrooms as well as direct sunlight