Artist Bio

Jamie is a nurse who has been drawing and painting for over 25 years. Drawing from her reverence for the natural world acquired by growing up in rural Texas, she brings a colorful perspective on natural scenes. Influenced by her 14 years healing people as a nurse, her collection examines the interconnectivity of all living things, reminding us of the ever-present bias of human scale we so infrequently remove ourselves while experiencing the world around us. She is a passionate advocate of art as therapy, means of processing trauma, and manifesting social & environmental change. She aims to help her audiences fortify their relationships with the natural world, cultivate an appreciation of natural form, and be inspired by the wonder she experiences with her own plants and animals on a daily basis. A portion of her sales always goes to supporting nonprofits helping animals and preserving wild places. Selected works can be found on Instagram @jamiedianeapollo


Main Subject

Abstracts, plants, animals


Materials and Techniques

Ink and alcohol marker on paper canvas. Acrylic on canvas. Watercolor on paper.