Artist Bio

I have been painting all my life but in earnest for the past 25 years. I attended Valparaiso University minoring in art and have supplemented my education with many courses and workshops ever since. My objective is two-fold. I strive to create a piece of art that defines the individuality of the subject through accurate drawing and rendering. At the same time, I attempt to allow an exciting interplay of the medium to draw the viewer into the beauty, not only of the subject, but also of the color and paint itself. It is my hope that this relationship of “left-brain” accurate rendering and “right-brain” artistic energy work together to generate a piece of artwork that will stimulate an emotional response from the viewer. When that happens it is pure JOY!

Main Subject

landscapes, portraits, still life

Materials and Techniques

I work in both pastel and oil paint. I enjoy portraiture, landscapes and still life. I strive for a good likeness of the subject and then aim for strong and energetic brush strokes to help tell the story.