Artist Bio

Jengadi Jean Co. is all about dreaming abundantly and living faithfully. Whimsical mixed-media pieces full of patterns and color make up the work you’ll see here. Inspired by the ocean, textiles, and the concrete jungle, I’m convinced that inspiration always exists, you just have to look for it.

I’m a New Englander who loves color and making a mess. The ocean is my happy place. I could venture in an art museum for hours upon hours. I find that being creative is such a gift and am daily thankful to my Creator who first showed His artistry. I believe in grace upon grace and that we can live abundantly in any situation.


Main Subject

Abstract Landscapes, Boats, and Quirky Beaches


Materials and Techniques

Jengadi Jean Co. is whimsical in nature and all about pattern and color. I use many different materials from scrap paper, old art, collage scraps, homemade ephemera, etc. to create unique mixed-media and acrylic paintings on birch wood and canvas. I have an appreciation for pattern design and textiles and that comes through in my work. I love geometric shapes and drawing inspiration from forms found in Nature. I typically start off with an idea or a photo that I will loosely draw inspiration from to begin. I create the ephemera and handmade papers and start to cut pieces for the background. Layer upon layer upon layer is glued down with matte medium and the piece forms. I don’t always have the end result in my head, but rather let it evolve through color and layers of paint! I love to draw from nature and am frequently inspired by kids’ artwork especially my nieces. There is so much to learn from their uninhibited enthusiasm and freedom to create. I seek to invoke joy and my love for color in every piece. My pieces range from coastal to nursery art.