Artist Bio

I am a self-taught artist living and working in Paxton, Mass. I’ve been at Beacon Hill Art Walk for years, even winning the occasional ribbon! I have been drawing all my life, and for many years concentrated on pen & ink illustrations including commissioned house portraits and beautiful old Boston brownstones. In 2001 I began experimenting with acrylics, inspired by the comical antics and effortless elegance of my two cats, PK and Nellie. From there, I developed a recognizable, whimsical style usually featuring bold color and cheerful subjects from everyday life. Whether it is cats, dogs or my surroundings here at home in New England, I never fail to find inspiration.


Main Subject

Whimsical animals and scenes from everyday life


Materials and Techniques

I use Golden brand high quality acrylics to create the majority of my bold, bright and whimsical paintings. I usually paint on stretched canvas or wood blocks but occasionally also watercolor paper when experimenting with watercolor or gouache. When I do paint on stretched canvas, the designs continue onto the sides of the canvas (no staples) so the paintings are ready to hang as-is. The paintings have the necessary wires or hardware for hanging. Framing for the paintings and wood blocks is not necessary; it’s entirely optional.