Artist Bio

Growing up around artists, Jenny was encouraged to use her creativity as far as her imagination would go. She took to drawing without giving her doodles much thought. While studying graphic design her junior year in college, a paintbrush found its way into her hand, which resulted in a Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts from the University of Utah. It not only changed the way she perceives life, but how she captures it artistically. Jenny’s work is extremely versatile in interpretations of her subjects, enhanced by her unique vision, which embraces impressionistic emotion and luminous color elements bringing them to life. Acrylic is her preferred medium due to its exceptional versatility and ability to adopt the characteristics of its competitors like oil and watercolor Рwhile at the same time maintaining its own unique presence. Jenny strives to pair grounded, natural elements with the surreal and vivid nature of the untamed wilderness.


Main Subject

Landscapes, florals, animals


Materials and Techniques

I use acrylic paint on mostly wood panel canvases, as well as canvas.