Artist Bio

A resident of New England for the better part of two decades, and primarily Maine, Jeremy was born in 1979 in North Carolina to a household full of art and music and a general air of constant creativity. Drawing, painting and sculpture were encouraged at a very young age, and never stopped. In the last decade, Jeremy has been increasingly drawn into the world of ceramics and all of its diversity. Working in clay has allowed him to tie all of these artistic techniques into a singular medium. “I can paint it, carve it, roll it, shape it, print it, sculpt it, and throw it in a fire. All of the things that I love, in one medium.” Jeremy studied for 5 years under the tutelage of his mother, Janet Gaddy and her partner, Timothy Moran, both master potters. He began a journey into the complex art/science of crystalline glazing and displayed an immediate knack for it. The entire 10-step process can take up to 30 hours for a single piece, where crystals actually form and grow within the glaze. A chemical reaction that occurs when silica and zinc come together in a complex firing that reaches temperatures exceeding 2,000 degrees F.

“I immediately fell in love with this process. To me, the beauty is in the subtle details. Details achieved both intentionally and not. Exercising any degree of control over this dynamic medium has become an endlessly satisfying, and often frustrating, creative pursuit.”


Main Subject

One of a kind crystalline pottery and custom wall tiles


Materials and Techniques

I am a second generation clay artist. I specialize in crystalline glazes to create one of a kind show pieces as well as hand carved tile works.