Artist Bio

My creative process is grounded in keen observation of the everyday. In particular, cityscapes provide me with endless opportunities; the way lighting plays off ordinary objects within this context. Buildings and signage especially inspire me. I find myself observing those elements in our lives that are often and routinely overlooked.

I want my painting to evoke a sense of newness in the familiar. I want people to walk away from my work saying, “Don’t tell me, I know where that is!”

I’ve been painting seriously for 12 years. I’ve been a graphic designer and involved in art for over 25 years. I’ve been accepted in numerous juried exhibitions.

Main Subject

City Landscapes along with some pop art style paintings

Materials and Techniques

Work mostly in water based oil paintings. My techniques observation of the everyday and paint conveying unique perspective of the everyday. Also working with a new technique of cutting painted canvases and reconstructing them back in a weaving pattern.