Artist Bio

Jagoda Auger, the artist behind Jagoda.Art, lives and creates right in the heart of Massachusetts. Her journey into art has been a bit of a solo adventure, learning through trial and error, with a serious passion for telling stories through her paintings.

In her work, you’ll find a mix of the strange and the beautiful, drawing inspiration from the quiet whispers of the woods and the old stories that never really leave us. She experiments with her art, using things like salt to make unique textures or plastic wrap for unexpected effects. This blend of curiosity and innovation marks each piece, inviting viewers into a realm where the familiar meets the fantastical.


Main Subject

Folklore, fairy tales, and the natural world, all through a lens that blends whimsical and eerie elements.


Materials and Techniques

I utilize both cold and hot-pressed watercolor papers, choosing based on the desired texture and effect. Watercolors are my primary medium, offering vibrant, ethereal qualities. White ink occasionally adds highlights and details, enhancing depth.

Experimentation is key to my process. I employ various salts to introduce unique textures, plastic wrap, rice, and others.

My creative journey varies—some pieces are immediate responses to inspiration, while others mature over time. Whether quickly conceptualized or long-contemplated, each artwork is an exploration of whimsy and mystery, embodying my growth and curiosity as an artist.