Artist Bio

Judith is inspired by New England landscapes and wildlife. She grew up in Central Massachusetts where she had acres of woods in her backyard to explore. Because of that early exposure, she has a special affinity for birds and squirrels which were abundant visitors to her mother’s various bird feeders around the yard.
Paging through a well-worn copy of a Peterson’s Field Guide to Birds when she was younger, was a vivid memory, so when time came to pick up her paintbrush after a career in web design, she found herself gravitating to birds.

With birds as a focus, Judith’s looks at under appreciated species of birds such as house sparrows, robins and pigeons for subject matter. Living in Boston has made her appreciate how such common birds can bring her closer to nature and rekindles the joy of exploration she experienced as a child in Worcester.
Judith’s love of nature extends to the natural beauty of her native Massachusetts, and she also focuses on painting the natural beauty of the state. Judith’s landscapes are often of quiet spaces such as meadows and marshes. The expansive nature of these landscapes offers a resting place for the eye and the mind by eliciting a sense of peace in the viewer.

Judith’s artistic process includes sketching and photography as a jumping off point for a painting. Her bird paintings require her to stake out feeders in her yard or birdy areas in nature to capture candid shots of birds to use as a reference. She then collages the images to create compositions that fulfill her vision. Her landscapes are primarily based on photos, thumbnail sketches and her memories of the special places in NE.


Main Subject

Landscapes, birds, squirrels


Materials and Techniques

I take photos and sketches of my subjects and use them as references for my studio paintings. I paint on canvas and board using oil paints.