Artist Bio

My artwork is a mixture of abstract expressionism found objects, and photography collage inspired by symbolism and my love for nature. My personal art style and my contracted custom art for clients is a very different process. I create art that is expressive through use of different media in a 3D way. I enjoy collecting objects like metal, glass, and sea shells because of the their forms, history and symbolism. The objects were once new and now they are transformed and used in a different way. I compare this idea to people and myself, ever changing, and aging. As I see it there is no separation between life and art. Art is life. What makes these objects important is the fact that I found them and granted them importance. The nature photography I take are also used to transformed into a new picture, a new purpose. I like to work in a large format.

The viewers experience is very important to me. I want to pull them in closer to look at the detail. I take into consideration elements like shadow, metallic paint reflections and lighting. I like creating interactive art and art that makes people want to touch the surface. I like my work to have elements hanging off the edges as if the picture were bursting out to become apart of the wall and environment.

Main Subject

Florals, landscapes, mixed media found object

Materials and Techniques

Photography and paint creating surreal places.
Found object and paint expressions
Beach inspired abstract mix media works