Artist Bio

I became a decent drawer capturing antics and travels raising children, moving beyond skills from BA Fine Arts (in 3 years.) The exceptional School of Visual Arts and Parsons skilled me for a 15 year career in Advertising as a….copywriter? (NYC to Detroit to Boston, yay.) I took many painting workshops and still guided in painting by Betty Lou Schlemm. Teaching chops from Robert Mesrop (both AWS) and now I’m teaching at Danvers Senior Center Wednesdays (all ages) and Essex Art Center, Lawrence, MA adults and children, day and eve, watercolor, Color, and more titles. I hold artist memberships at North Shore Arts Association and Saltbox Gallery, and taught paint nights at Living Room for Matisse and Merlot in 2017. I especially enjoy painting for people…painting their home, pet, motorcycle, boat, no challenge too small….even WEDDING FLOWERS which I strive to have ready when they return from honeymoon. I’ll bring paintings of Acorn Street, Faneuil Hall, Chris Sale and some of my popular “Drip Boat Paintings” (studying the right color of reflections) and 5″ x 7″shadow box framed scenes made of cut fabric, another study in color. And a portfolio of unframed painting bargains. I remain ever grateful for the health and skills to live life as an ever-growing artist!

Main Subject

Paint wedding’s flowers before couple retns from honeymoon! Large to small, plus landscapes, sports in action, “drip boat paintings” and fabric studies of landscapes in 5×7 shadow box frames.

Materials and Techniques

90% Fine Art Transparent Watercolors, many painted en plein air and 10% intend to bring 5×7 framed renderings of landscapes made of pieces of fabric (these LOOK like painting or photographs from 10′ away, pretty cool, and priced $40-90.