Artist Bio

I am a dreamer,
and a lover of the natural world ….

an observer, a conduit, a purveyor ….

There is a particular, subtle magic in the first few hours after daybreak.
I find my zen here …

Divinity flickering in the first rays of golden sunlight through the branches of the forest ~

Sacredness shimmering atop the waves as they caress a naked shoreline ~

Holiness bursting in the buds of the early spring light….

An ephemeral meditation.

In a world of violence, hate, heartbreak and disenchantment, love and beauty can still heal.


– Dostoevsky

If you are lost in these dark and trying times, I channel this beauty to bring you back to your heart. To your sacredness.

I grab my canvas, brush and paints, and walk along the edges of the early morning with you…


Main Subject

Landscapes, seascapes, floral and still life, whimsical figures


Materials and Techniques

I paint in both oils and acrylics, at times incorporating other materials: gold leaf, beading, glitter and found materials, to enhance and embellish my work. I am largely inspired by nature and do my best work painting en plein air.