Artist Bio

Kevin Mastro is a neuroscientist that has found solace in producing art. While just the start of their creative journey, their works focuses on capturing the shared human experience in a way that connects us all. Not in some evasive profound way, but one that simply makes the observer feel something, anything.


Main Subject

Human and floral abstractions


Materials and Techniques

As a painter and mixed media artist, I use acrylics (heavy body to flow to spray paint), oils, pastels and various forms of metal leaf (e.g. gold and copper) on wood and linen canvas. This year’s theme is “Coming into focus”. At the start of this journey, it focuses on color and the patterns and shapes that can be forms by two complementary colors until eventually images begin to appear. Next, there are a series that goes beyond color play and starts to use light to reveal more about the artwork. These include colorful pieces where faces or flowers appear. Lastly, is when things start to come into focus as I have sent the last year learning the human body and capturing the beauty the exists across all individuals.