Artist Bio

My name is Lanecya “Momma Spice the Artist” Callahan. I found art as a way of healing. I loved it so much, following my return home from the Marine corp, I decided to make it official and become an Artist. After getting accepted to Mass Art, I found out I was also accepted into the Mom club and gave birth to my beautiful daughter in 2020. I had to take a break from school to focus on her and my art seriously. After rebranding to Momma Spice and getting clear on the message I was promoting through my art, I have found much success and travel to share my creations at events all over Massachusetts and more. I make art for the woman I know I’ve always been. Divine, strong, and beautiful. I make art to embrace the freedom in my own truth. My art represents my experience as a black woman, continuously discovering her inner power, the magick I see in the world, and the creativity I have to contribute. Freedom inspires me. It motivates me to create and continue to co-create the life I desire, with the Universe. Nature, luxury, the elements, self-discovery, and Spirit are what inspire me and my creations. I make art through emotion or intuition. Whatever the emotion, whenever inspiration downloads, it’s time to create, write, sketch; etc. I just go with the flow. I paint it or draw it, then that inspires what I write or vice versa. The process is so fun and makes being an artist so enjoyable. From idea to fruition, it is an adventure. The destination may not always be where you intended, but the journey is always well worth the trip.


Main Subject

Abstract Anatomy


Materials and Techniques

For drawings I use oil pastels, for paintings I use acrylic, and for collectible statues and keychains I make them with resin and color with acrylic paints