Artist Bio

After spending her early years in Boston, Laura moved abroad and has lived in Montreal, London, and Paris. She now shares a home with her husband and daughter in Beacon Hill, and these days can often be found chasing her toddler in the Public Garden or downtown playgrounds. Laura has a background in art history and archaeology, and spent many years studying prehistoric art and human evolution. After graduate work focusing on Paleolithic symbolic culture in France, Laura shifted out of the academic atmosphere and now writes a local lifestyle and culture blog with her sister called The Boston Day Book.

Laura has been fascinated by art history since she was a child, and intrigued especially by its beginnings. How and why did humans start to translate their thoughts and emotions into physical objects that could be seen and interpreted by other people? There are so many reasons — some functional and some aesthetic. For Laura, the satisfaction of combining paint on a canvas satisfies a creative impulse and is deeply enriching. After many years away from the easel due to work and life, she has been delving back into painting recently, and is excited to continue her artistic explorations.


Main Subject

Abstracts and landscapes

Materials and Techniques

I work mainly in acrylic on canvas, and am enjoying exploring all the ways that this medium can be used.