Artist Bio

Léonie Little-Lex is a Boston-based artist and arts educator. She received both her BFA (2009) and MAT (2012) from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She exhibits on Cape Cod and in the great Boston area, and has also exhibited nationally in Portland Oregon, New York, and North Carolina. Her work can be described as both fine art and illustrative, she works in a variety of media with an emphasis on oil painting and pen and ink drawings. She finds inspiration in exploring various environments as she seeks to capture both natural and fantastical elements in her pieces.


Main Subject

Landscapes and wildlife with dreamlike elements


Materials and Techniques

I work in a variety of mediums.

My works on paper include graphite, pen and ink, watercolor, and gouache. I typically use two or more of these mediums per piece. These works are all custom framed, I typically float frame them to show the texture and character of the paper (see example #1).

I create oil paintings on canvas, from 8″x 10″ upwards. The largest are 36″ x 12″ (a dramatic vertical composition or sky scape, see example #2).

I also use an technique on wood that combines oil painting and carving. I will use the exposed wood as part of the composition or image, and paint the space around it. For instance, if my painting includes a tree, I will paint the background around it and use carving to create the texture of the roots and wood (see example #3).