Artist Bio

Linda Bonaccorsi, owner of EveryBitBeautiful, is a self-taught, outdoor photographer based in Massachusetts. She took her first pictures at the age of 10 with her father’s point and shoot. Now, most of her photos are taken with a telephoto lens (a result of her love of birding). Like her interests, her photography is eclectic and optimistic, exploring a wide range of outdoor subjects. Inspired by creation and the joy of being outdoors, Linda’s philosophy is that there is “Beauty in Every Bit”. Her hope is to reveal not just the expected but unexpected, and to inspire others to take the time to appreciate the beauty around them. While by no means a newcomer to photography, Linda did not enter the world of art exhibitions and markets until 2018


Main Subject

Eclectic collection of outdoor photography: abstract, birds, insects, seascapes, color, black and white…whatever the picture calls for


Materials and Techniques

Other than my new Mini Bits (small portion of what I sell), I do all my own printing, using professional papers (silky, 2 types of luster, watercolor rag). I do not sell plain paper prints. Everything is on professional photo papers. I have framed and unframed pictures up to 13×19. My framed pieces are archival matted and professionally framed. I have a series of 2×3 pirctures matted and framed (approx 7.5×7.5 finished size). The frames are hand made hard maple by my local framer. They come with a hand-stamped burlap gift bag. I sell 5×7 matted and framable, small-art greeting cards. The card stock is completely green. My new Mini Bits are 2.5×3.5 metal prints of my pictures. They can be used as an ornament or hung as a mini piece of art in small spaces like work cubicles. The back size has been printed with my signature.