Artist Bio

In my artistic journey, I explore the intricate dance between color, form, and emotion. Through the canvas, I strive to evoke a visceral response, inviting viewers to delve into the unspoken language of my creations. Guided by a passion for experimentation, I employ diverse techniques and mediums to push the boundaries of conventional expression. Each piece is a unique narrative, weaving threads of introspection and external influences. Ultimately, my art seeks to foster connection, sparking a dialogue that transcends the confines of the visual realm.


Main Subject

Abstract, landscape, floral


Materials and Techniques

Using acrylic pouring, resin coating and incorporating natural elements like rocks and sea shells in my ocean- themed creations brings unique depth and texture to my work. The interplay of materials and techniques results in visually stunning pieces that truly capture the essence of the ocean.

My landscape paintings are inspired by beauty of the nature and aim to evoke a sense of peace and joy in the viewer. My goal is to transport the audience to a serene and contemplative moment in nature.