Artist Bio

I am an indecisive textile artist. After years of study, collecting and experiments I have built up a collection of fabric samples and scraps. I am drawn to those items that have been saved and put away in drawers rather than displayed. I take those fabrics, along with trim, sequins, buttons, or other trinkets to create a collage. My philosophy is that there is no reason to save precious items for a special occasion if they can be seen and used now. I create textile collages which are then framed in upcycled wooden boxes, so that they are complete and new works of art, ready to be viewed and appreciated.


Main Subject

Varies widely!


Materials and Techniques

I am a fiber artist who transforms a lifetime worth of collecting, years’ worth of workshop samples and experiments, and the most tattered fabrics into unique textile collages. I add stitching, charms, found objects, scraps from other old projects, sequins, and buttons to create small works of art filled with humor, nostalgia, and implied stories. Most are framed in found wooden boxes to create artwork ready for display.
I also create other items from reclaimed textiles, including necklaces, pins, and decorative buntings.