Artist Bio

Without exception, my paintings are created from a memory or direct experience of the natural world. From the micro-observations of tree barks and reflections in a puddle to the more broad views of a field of wildflowers or tidal marsh, I am always looking to recapture and report on both the subtle and bold notes of nature as only I see them. It might be an abstraction of form and movement or more representational, but it is always colorful! I look for color even in the monochrome of the New England winter and find it easily.

Through rigorous observation, instruction, a robust sketchbook practice and of course my regular painting discipline, I am dedicated at all times toward a rediscovery process. What more can I find in this simple corner of a field? What depth can I see in a cluster of colored leaves in the rain? What is happening to the daffodil at four in the afternoon that wasn’t clear at nine in the morning. Although my paintings reflect years of learning and relearning my practice, my enthusiasm for my subject remains childlike.

My current work is an outpouring of gratitude for the opportunity to see with clear eyes what is all around us. It is an appreciation of life and the ability to witness the brilliance, form and movement of nature. My painting is less of a duplication of what I see and more of a magical translation. I communicate strongly through color and texture with a tendency towards exaggeration, inviting the viewer to a new way of looking at the ordinary. I prefer a painting to communicate what a landscape might have felt like rather that what it may have looked like at a given moment.


Main Subject

Florals, landscapes


Materials and Techniques

I mainly work in waterbed media, but work in oils as well. I love color and mainly use nature as my inspiration. I tend toward abstraction but enjoy a representational approach as well.