Artist Bio

I am a self taught oil painter who works almost exclusively via palette knife. Upon completion of college I embarked on a decade long stint in corporate America, followed by several years of teaching within The Springfield Public Schools in Springfield, Massachusetts. Upon the birth of our daughter I became a stay at home father who found time to paint late into the night. This return to art, having previously stopped upon the completion of high school, found me wanting to explore still life and landscape oil paintings that blur the lines between Impressionism and Abstraction.

In this collection of work I am drawing upon the physicality of nature and to present them in an almost tactile manner. Working with thickly applied oils I scrape, reapply, and layer again to create an image that captures the structures of flowers or landscapes in various settings. Utilizing only a palette knife I create gestures large and small to represent and express how I view nature.


Main Subject

Florals and landscapes


Materials and Techniques

I work in oils done entirely with a palette knife (as I like to tell people, no brushes were harmed in the making of these paintings). I work on stretched canvas as well as one prepared panels.