Artist Bio

I began experimenting with artwork at a very young age. The older I became the more I realized how much I truly enjoyed it. I studied at Bowling Green State University, in Ohio. Having the opportunity to study art allowed me to experience and work with many different types of mediums; which is how I discovered that abstracts truly spoke to me. Now I usually work with acrylic paints to create my abstract works with bold colors and textures. I believe that art speaks to people in different ways, and it is not up to the artist to tell you how something makes you feel; and with my work different moods and experiences make each painting truly its own.

Main Subject


Materials and Techniques

I mainly stretched canvas and acrylic Paint; With modeling paste to make 3D paintings, and give them additional texture. The techniques that I use in my paintings vary from painting to painting. I use many different techniques for brush techniques I mainly use drip, dry brush, and/or impasto. I also use my hands or other parts of my body to get different designs