Artist Bio

Artist Neil Wyatt has been painting and working in various mixed media for over 40 years. originally schooled in the UK Wyatt has developedan an abstract style of painting that has a more contemporary urban quality to it, that marries well to Boston’s colorful presence, its versatility and its diverse cultural population. Wyatt has gained a lot of support from individuals interested in his art by exhibiting work across the country and particularly the boston art festival that he has participated in for approx. 16 years This festival allows an easy access for people to come his latest work as well as others creativity. The event itself is very important not only as a way to expose visitors to new and interesting talents but also to allow them the opportunity to participate in an excellent weekend where all types of people and communities are involved.


Main Subject

Contemporary abstracts


Materials and Techniques

Oil on canvas paintings fused with mix of colorful acrylic and metallic paints to form interesting geometric, abstract and representational compositions.