Artist Bio

My name is Oneil and growing up in Brazil, I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by beautiful paintings by my grandmother, who painted until her last days. My work has developed at a very steady pace and at times in a very surprising way. I am self-taught and started painting in 2001 as a way to escape from the real world and the real problems. At first my work reflected my thirst for color and warmth in a city where winters can really affect you. However, the long periods of cold weather did not stop me from loving Boston and all it has to offer. That is when I, almost inadvertently, started portraying my surroundings in bold, cheerful and colorful acrylics that bring out the true livelihood behind the Bostonian architecture.


Main Subject

Brownstones and still-lifes


Materials and Techniques

Acrylic paints in a variety of bold colors, which depict every day items as well as the city of Boston in a fun and friendly way.